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+1 Records
2Blossoms Records
33 1/3 Records
3QREQ Records
A Records
Absentee Recordings
Ace Fu Records
Ace Fu/Family Business
Acony Records
Action Musik
Aeronaut Records
A-F Records
Agogo Records
Alive Records
All Saints
Almost Loaded
Amebix Records/Easy Action
AML Records
Apollo Records
Apple-Eye Productions
Apricot Recording Company/Mosh
Ardent Music
Arena Rock Recording Company
Arietta Music
Ashmont Records
Attack Attack Records
Audio Eagle Records
Audio Visual Fidelity
Autumn Tone Records
Backshop Records
Backstage Alliance
Bad Diet
Bad Life
Bad Paintings
Barsuk Records
Baryon Records
Basement Life Records
BDM Music
Bedroom Classics
Bella Union
Belle Sound
Betty-Vision Records
BGB Records
Big Dada
Big O/VizzTone
Big Rig Records
Bird Song Recordings
Birds and Arrows
Black Barbarella Records
Black Bear Records
Black Lagoon
Black Lead Records
Black Numbers/MTS
Black Shuck/VizzTone
Black Strobe Records
Blow Up Records
Blue Empress/VizzTone
Blue Max/Vizz Tone
Blue South/VizzTone
Blues Empress Records/VizzTone
Body High
BOH Records
Bomp! Records
Bonfire Records
Boocoo Music
Booji Boy Records
Borrowed Tune Motion Pictures
Break World Records
Bronzerat Records
Brown Dog Music / Vizz Tone
Buddhist Army
Bumstead Records
Burger Records
Burn Burn Burn Records
Burnt Toast Vinyl
Butterscotch Records
Caldo Verde
Cargo Records
Cath Clothes Records
Charlemagne Productions Ltd
Charly Records/Cargo Germany
Cherry Bang Records
Chikan Howse Records/VizzTone
Churchkey Records
Cicero Recordings
Circle Into Square/Fake Four
City Slang
Clean Cuts Music
Clifton Motel
Clownery Records
Club 88/VizzTone
CMI World Wide Music
Committee To Keep Music Evil
Community Music
Conscious Pork
Constant Artists/Red Pig
Corporate Image
Corsair Records
Cosmodelic Records
Counter Records
Crashed Out Recordings
Critical Heights
Crosstown Rebels
Damaged Goods
Dang/Ride Records
Dangerous Dog Records
Danielia Cotton
Daptone Records
Daptone Records/Dunham Records
Dare2 Records
Dark Riders
Dead Meadow Merch
Deathbomb Arc
Deeveeus Records
Department H
Devil Down Records
Diesel Only Records
Dirty Water Records
Disco Activisto
Don Giovanni
Done To Death Music
Double Feature Records
Down There Records
DRUT Records
Dynotone Records
Earthwork Music
East River Records
Easy Action
Editions PAF!
EF Records
Ehse Records
Electraphonic Recordings
Element Records
Eleven Thirty Records
Emanation Records
Engine Room Recordings
Equinox Records/Fake Four Inc
Ever Records
Ex Cathedra, Words+Dreams
Extension Music
Fake Four Inc.
Famous Flames
Father/Daughter Records
Feedelity Recordings
Female Fantasy
Feralette Records
FHQ Records
Field Records
Fiesta Red Records
Fika Recordings
Film Guerrero
Fire Records
Five Head Entertainment
Flameshovel Records
FlariElla Records
Flashlight Records
Flavateria Recordings
Flying Free Productions
Folsom Records
Fortuna POP!
Fortune Records
Free Roll Records
Function Records
Furious Rose Productions
Futur Records
Fysisk Format
Gift Of The Gab
Godfathers Recordings
Gold Dust
Gold Robot Records
Gold Standard Labs
Good as Gold Records
Good Records
Good Records Recordings
Granary Music
Greaser 2000
Great Big Sea USA Ltd.
Great Speckled Dog Records
Green Mist Records
Groenland Records
Hall of Records
Hammock Music
Hard Knox Records
Harmonized Records
Haywood Group Productions
Head Heritage
Her Majesty’s Music
Hidden Agenda Records
High Noon/Cargo Germany
Highline Records
Highway 125
Hillstone Productions
Hippos In Tanks
Hi-Speed Soul/Barsuk
History of RnB Records
History of Soul
Hog Space
Holidays for Quince Records
Homeopathic Records
Hopscotch Records
Hoss Records
Hot Creations
Hot Toddy Music
How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
Howl Records
Human Ear Music
Hungry Hustler Records
Hush Records
Hydra Head Records
Hyperdub Records
ibid records
Idee Fixe Records
Immune Recordings
Incident Recordings
Independent Records Ireland
InFine Music
Infinity Cat Recordings
Infinite Best
Inflamable Records
Inflated Records
Invada Records
It Never Rains Records
Jazzateria Recordings
JGM Recordings
JTJ Records
Kill Rock Stars
King Outlaw
Kitchen Table Records
KMS Records
Knowsavage Records
Kudzu Records
Kultur Shock Records
Lanark Recordings
Large River Music
LA’s Fine
Latest Flame Records
LBR Records
Le Plan
Lean Ground Music
Left Home Table/Clandestine
Lester Records
Levon Helm Studios
Lex Records
Liberation Technologies
Little Dipper/VizzTone
Little King Records
Little Record Company
Lo Recordings
Long Distance Runner
Los Straitjackets Merchandise
Lost Toy People
Luaka Bop
Lucas Gambit Records
Luv Lite Recordings/K7
M.O.D. Technologies
Madjack Records
Mandolin Orange
Manque Music
Mardev Records
Mariel Recording Company
Marsalis Music
Martians Go Home
Matthew Stubbs
MBV Records
Melodic Rock Records
Memphis Industries
Metric Music International
Mezzotint Label
Mid Fi Recordings
Mightier Than Sword Records
Miles Above Records
Mindsnap Music/Fake Four
Minty Fresh
Misplaced Music
Missing Cats
MK Music
Mogi LTD
Mona Records
Monotreme Records
Moshi Moshi Records
Mother Tongue
Motion Audio/Ninja Tune
Mountain Retreat
Muthas of Invention
My Radio
Mystery Buildings
Mystic Records
Nag’s Head Records
Napoleon Records
National Record Label
NC Music Love Army
Neanderthal Records
New Heavy Sounds
New Records
Night Slugs
Nightshoes Syndicate
Nine Ton Records/Dirty Water
Ninja Tune
No Big Deal Records
No. 19 Music
Northern Spy
NorthernBlues Music
Odessa Records
Off Yer Rocka
Oh Boy Records
Ohm Records
Okee Dokee Music
Old Flame Records
Omega Records
One Little Indian SP
Only Lovers Left Alive
On-U Sound
Open E/VizzTone
Other Peoples Music
Outside Music
Outta Sight Records
Palare Records
Paradise of Bachelors
Parasol Direct Records
Pask Records
Pentimento Music Company
Pettifer Sounds
Pie Records
PiL Official
Pine Street
Pink Flag
Pinko Records
Piranha Musik
Pitch Beast Records
Planet Mu Records
Plastique Records
Plaza Bowl Records & Tapes
Plus One/Young American
Powdered Sugar
Powerhouse Records
PR Records Inc.
President Records Limited
Pretty Activity Records
Principe Discos
Puget Sound Recordings
Punk Rock Blues Records
Purple Feather Records
Pytheas Recordings
Q Division
Quality Hill Records
R&S Records
RacecarLotta Records
Rack ‘Em Records
Radz Records
Rare Rockin Records
Rastafaria Recordings
Raven Marching Band
Ravesploitative/Deathbomb Arc
Reaction Records
Red Pajamas Records
Red Tide Records
Redhouse Records UK
Reimagine Music
Renown Records
Response Records
Rice Is Nice/Popfrenzy
Ride Records
Ripley Records
Rock Candy
Rodriguez Lopez Productions
Round Records
Rte 8 Records
RuCo, Inc
Safe And Sound
Salt Records
Samashi Sound
San Dumo Records
Sargent House
SCS Records
Sea Of Green
Second Motion
Senator Records
Series Aphonos/Bronzerat
Sexbeat Records
SF Records
Shake The Tree Records
Siberia Records
Silly Old Songs Productions
Sister Cynic/VizzTone
Sister Ray
Skinner’s Hill Music
Skint Records
Sky Crunch Records
Skyscraper Music Maker
Smalltown America
Smalltown Superjazzz
Smalltown Supersound
Smalltown/Stromland Records
Sonar Kollektiv
Sonic Records
Sonofagun Records
Soul Jazz Records
Souterrain Transmissions
Southwest Musical Arts Fnd.
Sparrow’s Tear Records
Spiderbomb Records
Spinout Records
Spintonic Recordings
Squirrel Records
Start Productions
Steady Rollin’ Records
Steel Cage Records
Steev Mike
Still Music
StormVox Records
StorySound Records
Straight Six Films
Strange Famous Records
Sweet Nectar Records
Sweet Nothing
SwingNation Records
Tanzprocesz/Deathbomb Arc
Telephone Records
TeleSoul Records
Test Card
The Boxer Rebellion LLP
The Drop
The Great American Music Co.
The Major Label
The Mylene Sheath
The Mylene Sheath/Topshelf Rec
The Ship
Three Lobed Recordings
Thrift Shop Recordings
Thrill Jockey Records
Tiger’s Milk Records
Tight Natural Productions
Timesig/Planet Mu
Tiny Dog Records/Cargo UK
Tiny Teeth Records
TKO Records
Todo Mundo
Tom Kotter Records
Tonguemaster/Cargo UK
Tortuga Recordings
Toto Recordings
Tough Love
Toxic Arrow
Trans- Records
Transistor Recordings
Trash Mouth
TT Records
Tuf Records/VizzTone
Twenty First Chapter
Twins Of Evil
Two Flowers Records
Universal Sound
UO Records
Upbeat Records
Upper Class Recordings
Vandit Records
Vibration Vineyard
Vile Art Records
Vinyl Cafe
Vinyl Dog Records
Vinyl Star Records
Virt Records
Vizz Tone Label Group
Voluminous Records
VooDoo Records
Voxx Records
W.O.W. Records
Wagon Repair
Wapping Wharf Records
Warp Films
Warp Records
We ThRee
Werewolf Heart Records
Where It’s At Is Where You Are
Whipped Cream Records
Wichita Recordings
Widespread Records
Wonderwheel Recordings
Wood and Bone
Work Song Inc.
Woz Records
Wrinkled Records
Xemu Records
XIE Recordings
Ye Olde Records
Yellow Year Records
Yep Roc Records
Zap Banana Records
Zenph Studios
ZNA Records